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Welcome to Novel Genomics

The team at OrthoDx™ are committed to the discovery and commercialization of novel genomic signatures in the space of Orthopaedic infection, progressing to the development of novel signatures in various Medical Specialty areas. OrthoDx is breaking ground and continues to actively collect clinical samples for sequencing and gene analysis with a novel diagnostic test nearing validation study.

Many years have been spent studying and harnessing the power of the human immune system to accurately and rapidly translate key clinical information about the body's response to infection. Using proprietary biomarkers and existing PCR technology, OrthoDx has developed a novel gene signature that is able to reliably differentiate between infection and sterile inflammation in a matter of hours using a sample taken from the body. We encourage you to explore the team that have made this possible and the technology itself and consider investing into the future of personalised genomic medicine.