The team at OrthoDx™ are committed to the discovery and commercialization of novel genomic signatures in the space of Orthopaedic infection. We have spent years harnessing the power of the human immune system to accurately and rapidly translate key clinical information surrounding the host response to infection. Using proprietary biomarkers and existing PCR technology, we have developed a gene signature that is able to differentiate infection from sterile inflammation in a matter of hours. We encourage you to explore the team that have made this possible and the technology itself.



We are the inventors of the SynvIchor™ technology – a revolutionary diagnostic device that is able to rapidly and reliably differentiate between infection and inflammation in a matter of hours.

Started in January 2018, OrthoDx™ has been working to utilize knowledge and skills developed in the United States of America in the space of genomic diagnostics. Combined with the unique challenges of orthopaedic surgical practice, the company has positioned itself to be a world leader in the joint infection space. We are an Australian company with international ties to the USA and UK.

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Our Corporate Governance

We are committed to excellence in corporate governance, which we believe is essential for the long‑term performance and sustainability of our company and the delivery of our strategy.

Corporate Governance Statement

Each year OrthoDx issues a corporate governance statement. The statement sets out the corporate governance framework adopted by the board and outlines OrthoDx's governance arrangements over the last financial year.

Corporate Governance Charter

The corporate governance charter adopted by the board of directors of OrthoDx is designed to promote the highest standards of corporate governance across OrthoDx. The 

charter outlines the roles and responsibilities of the board of directors and the management team and operates in conjunction with the OrthoDx constitution and relevant laws.


The constitution outlines the rules for governing the company, including provisions dealing with the roles of the board of directors and shareholders.




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