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We are the inventors of SynvIchor™ technology – a revolutionary diagnostic device that is able to rapidly and reliably differentiate between infection and inflammation in a matter of hours.

Established in January 2018, OrthoDx™  utilizes knowledge and skills developed in the United States of America in the space of genomic diagnostics, combined with the experience of the unique challenges of Orthopaedic surgical practice, to position itself as world leader in the joint infection space. We are an Australian company with international ties to the USA and UK.

A company formed and supported from the end users

Started by and made for clinicians. OrthoDx seeks to solve the problem of infection diagnosis and management in Orthopaedics globally.

Management team with a track record of delivering results

Founding team experienced in diagnostic test development and orthopaedic commercialisation.

Committed to a significant problem

With both a diagnostic and therapeutic product line, OrthoDx is the only company with a dedicated focus to solving the problem of infection in orthopaedics.

A differentiated and de-risked portfolio

OrthoDx is the combination of diagnostic and therapeutic tools to create a total infection solution package.

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OrthoDx was created and is run by a team of end users with in-depth experience...

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OrthoDx can identify when our body is responding to and fighting infection...


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