Corporate Governance Board

Mr Michael Ribot


CEO of Global Orthopaedics, Mr Ribot presided over the commercialisation and expansion of Global Orthopaedics for 20 years prior to acquisition in 2018. Since the successful exit, Mr Ribot has been on boards and works to offer his wide knowledge and experience as a CEO coach. Mr Ribot will bring a wealth of experience in commercialising Orthopaedic technology to the board at OrthoDx.


Dr Victor Argaet 

Non-Executive Director

Principal at Davies Collison Cave, Dr Victor Argaet specializes in patent applications in all areas of biotechnology, including immunology, molecular biology, bioinformatics and diagnostics. With a PhD in biochemistry and molecular biology from the University of Melbourne, post-doctoral experience at the Walter and Eliza Hall Institute of Medical Research and the Queensland Institute of Medical Research, as well as over 27 years in the patent attorney profession, including 20 years as a DCC partner or principal, Victor has been instrumental in the preparation and submission of OrthoDx's international patent application for Synovial Biomarkers.


Dr Antony Rapisarda

Executive Director

Inventor of the SynvIchor™ technology based on the ELIJA clinical trial in Queensland, Australia. Previously successful commercialization of SeptiCyte™ technology, for Immunexpress, in Seattle USA. Medical doctor currently training in Orthopaedic Surgery in Australia and PhD candidate in Molecular Genomics at Queensland University of Technology. Over 15 years of tertiary academic research and education combined with unique business opportunities in the USA for equally novel technologies.


Mr Luke Holtom

Executive Director

A Chartered Accountant and qualified specialist in commercial banking, tax and insolvency. Successful winner of the Ferrier Hodgson internship program. Following a successful career in Australia, Mr Holtom began an international career working with FTSE UK 100 Companies and now works for the largest UK Bank, Lloyds Banking Group (“LBG”). With his extensive experience in corporate restructuring, tax accounting, and internal audit Mr Holtom was brought into LBG and tasked with working in Tax, Accounting and Risk Management.