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The human immune system has been the key in our survival as a species. It is both the first and last line of defense we possess in response to pathogens and the disease they bring.

Current technology looks at the best way to copy the immune system and “detect” the pathogen. With continuously low success rates and no change in the fundamentals of the process since the invention of culture technique in the 1880’s we have not made a significant leap forward. Current culture is still reliant on the work of Koch, Lister and Pasteur – pathogen isolation using a suitable nutrient mix for growth. This time is referred to at the “Golden Age of Germ Theory”, the advances made then still stand today.

We entered the genomic age of medicine in 2001 with the completion of the human genome project. We, as a scientific community, finally had the means to better understand how the immune system identified and fights infection. Through these advances, we have untilised proprietary knowledge and techniques to identify when our body is responding to and fighting infection. This information is then passed onto doctors to enable accurate and timely clinical decision making for the improved treatment of patients.




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