Our Management

Dr Antony Rapisarda

CEO and Founder

Inventor of the SynvIchor™ technology based on the ELIJA clinical trial in Queensland, Australia. Previously successful commercialization of SeptiCyte™ technology, for Immunexpress, in Seattle USA. Medical doctor currently training in Orthopaedic Surgery in Australia and PhD candidate in Molecular Genomics at Queensland University of Technology. Over 15 years of tertiary academic research and education combined with unique business opportunities in the USA for equally novel technologies.

Dr Brian Fox

Strategic Bioinformatics Partner

Provider of bioinformatics platform essential to the discovery of the SynvIchor™ technology. Discovered a Pan Viral gene signature while at Immunexpress, in Seattle USA. Currently resides in Seattle and is founder and director of Needle Genomics – a company that utilizes proprietary algorithms to solve clinical diagnostic challenges. PhD graduate of University of Washington, USA followed by nearly 20 years of industry bioinformatics experience.

Dr Charles Phillis

Director of Medical Affairs

Medical Doctor with 10+ years of education and training, practicing in Occupational Medicine, Medico-legal, Permanent Impairment, Military Medicine and Medical Advisory services.  Dr Phillis has completed further training to be awarded Associate Fellowship of the Royal Australasian College of Medical Administrators and the Australasian College of Health Service Management. Dr Phillis brings 8+ years investment strategy and business development from sales and heavy industry in Australia. Dr Phillis has served as CMO and a Director of a number of medical start ups and brings a wide range of contacts and experience to the team.

Mr Luke Holtom

Chief Financial Officer

Mr Holtom is a CA (Chartered Accountant) qualified specialized in commercial banking and insolvency. Successful winner of the Ferrier Hodgson internship program, Mr Holtom leveraged this career start into a successful transition to major UK banking organisations. With his experience of insolvency accounting he was brought into LLoyds bank and tasked with working in the large M&A space including preparation for audit.

Dr Robert Johnson

Senior Clinical Research Associate

Medical doctor with 5+ years research experience in sports medicine and inflammatory myositis. He has a keen interest in investment strategy and business development and is based in the tropical regions of Queensland, Australia. Winner of the BridgeTech Pitching Competition, Australia in 2019 and finalist for same in Boston, USA. Robert excels at developing key relationships with clinicians and investors alike. Robert has represented Australia in the sports of Olympic Weightlifting and Athletics including competing at world championships for his pet event Hammer throw.

Scientific Advisors

Support by a team of medical advisors who help the delivery of various projects...

Office locations

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